Mission statements

The power

of faith

Our faith can be a powerful transforming factor for different people in different life circumstances and at different stages of life… What unites us all is the desire to embrace the power of faith to become fonder and more caring of each other.


Christianity principles

Here we will kindly show and explain you what the core principles of Christianity stand for. We will be your guides to this world of mutual love and respect, the Holy Bible studying classes and an overall idea of a united community of men and women.



At different times in our lives, we can feel a newly found urge for the divine… We never know when it happens, but we will be there for you as you will be craving for a new sense of Christian empathy, compassion, and brotherly love as our newcomer!


the gospel passion

Gospel is an incredibly beautiful way for a Christian community to share the core miracles and parables of the Holy Bible… Join our church community today and sing along with us at our Saturday and Sunday gospel classes.



In order for spiritual growth to occur, we first need to make sure we possess a true spiritual life through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. When we believe in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit lives inside of us and we are new creations in Christ!

Vision of

the gospel passion

All members of our beautiful church have this enduring vision right before their very eyes: a peaceful valley, where all the people walk hand in hand and the brotherly and sisterly love makes us more conscious of each other in our daily life.

Becoming a member of our church

Becoming the Jesus Christian Church member, our attendees are able to encourage each other in our Christian walks and hold each other accountable.

Global mission

Making the decision to become our member is the most important one that you will make in your life. You may probably have some doubts whether to join our church or not. Our members and representatives will be glad to help you find the right way to Christianity, and God. The joy and the excitement of having taken such a bold step are accompanied by nagging thoughts about whether you made the right decision. You may recall your "For eternity" response to the question as to how long you will remain faithful. Yet, the glee with which your answer was received suggests that another response is possible. Your faithfulness till death is not guaranteed. We want to share with you some proven strategies for helping you in living faithfully as our member: accept the fact that your doubts and fears are not surprising and occur regularly. You are not alone in this and many of us have overcome those negative thoughts. Your concerns are genuine and should be heeded.